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Update Oct. 22nd 2001
Notification to Norwegian Cabinet v/Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik

Update Sept. 19th 2001
What made the rest material in the fatigue crack burst at 18.30 hrs -TERROR?

From update March 30th 2000


From update Nov. 30th 1988

Letter of reply received from Minister of Justice to inquiry made on Oct. 22nd by Parliament member Steinar Bastesen. In her letter the Minister continues playing ball. 
Minister of Justice letter of reply dated 29.10.98 page 1
Minister of Justice letter of reply dated 29.10.98 page 2
Minister of Justice letter of reply dated 29.10.98 page 3
Minister of Justice letter of reply dated 29.10.98 page 4
The same old story, nothing new, no need to contact FBI nor Scotland Yard for information or assistance.

FALK International comment:
In his inquiry Member of Parliament Mr. Steinar Bastesen referred among others to specific information on internet stating the URL address to these FALK International webpages http://www.multinet.no/~falk/

The reply has no reference to information nor Tecnical Documentation
 published on this webpages by FALK International. There is no references to results of metallurgical testing of steel samples from upper breaking point of node D4 presented in reports by Institute of Physics at the University of Oslo and Sintef in Trondheim nor conclussion summary in end of section 2.1 substantiating that an explosion in upper part of bracing D4 must have taken place.

The matter is not closed, further action is required ref. Falk Newsletter 02/98 section 2: "Parliament must take action" and section 3 asking for "YOUR support".

From update November 17th 1998: Phonecall from Mr Gunnar Sønsteby 17.11.98
From update October 24th 1998: ACTION TAKEN BY STEINAR BASTESEN
Member of parliament and representative of "Tverrpolitisk Folkevalgte - Kystpartiet" Mr. Steinar Bastesen filed on Oct. 22nd a written inquiry to the Minister of Justice. In his inquiry Mr. Bastesen challenges the Minister of Justice asking for an investigation of the asserted sabotage against "Kielland".
In his demand Mr. Bastesen referes to the Official appointed Investigation Committee of March 28. 1980, who in their report presented the following year, ref.NOU 1981:11 page 11, states that they had not looked into the possibility of explosion. Mr. Bastesen urges the Justice Minister to contact Scotland Yard and FBI on the matter. 27 UK and 2 US citizens were among the 123 people who perished in the disaster. In his letter he makes references to FALK International's webpages and the book about the sabotage against "Kielland" by FALK International's President Ole C. Ostlund.
ref. letter of Oct. 22nd 1998 to the President of the Norwegian Parliament.

FALK International comment:
Why did the in 1980 appointed investigation Committee state in their report that they had not investigated the possibility of an explosion??
Was this a part of the cover up operation misleading the Norwegian public and everyone not informed? Findings presented on this webpages Section 6: The Cover Operation substantiates that some member(s) of the committee and their principal(s) knew more than written in the report. Such matter should in due time be subject for Parliamentary hearings.

From update June 27th 1998:
Since the update of May 13th 1998, letter of May 18th 1998 has been received from the Departement of Justice stating their position that no action, nor meeting, is required.
FALK International comment:
This substantiates FALK International's view that this case is constitutional.
The Public elected Representatives in the Parliament must take stand in regard to where power shal prevail,

ref.  README, README !! FALK Newsletter 02/98 (Nothing is changed, only the prime minister) 
FALK Newsletter 01/98;

Images for documentary purpose:
Letter of May 18.98 from Departement of Justice to FALK International,page 1 and page 2 (norwegian)
Letter of April 28.98 from Prime Ministers Office to FALK International's President Ole C. Ostlund
Letter of April 25.98 from Ole Ostlund, President FALK International to Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik
Letter of Dec. 03.97 from FALK International to Minister of Justice Aud Inger Aure
Fax of Oct. 21.97 from FALK International to Prime ministers Office

Pressure has to be applied, forcing any submissive Prime Minister and Cabinet to fulfill their obligations.
Pressure from other political parties in the Parliament.
Pressure from Norwegian public and media.
Pressure from outside Norway - 27 UK and 2 US citizens perished in the disaster.

FALK International wants YOU to assist in putting pressure on the Norwegian Cabinet.
It is FALK's position that any Prime Minister has to take action or leave office.

FALK International
Ole C. Ostlund

Update May 13th 1998:
FALK Newsletter 01/98 (published May 1998)
FALK International is calling for response from Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik and his cabinet.

On Oct. 17th 1997 former Prime MinisterTorbjørn Jagland from the Labour party left office.
Mr. Kjell Magne Bondevik from the Christian Democratic Party commenced as Norway's new Prime Minister.
Before leaving office Jaglands Cabinet appointed Prime Prosecutor Rieber Mohn to Judge of the Supreme Court.
Former Assistant Prime Prosecutor Tor Aksel Busch was appointed Prime Prosecutor.
FALK International urge Prime Minister Bondevik and his Cabinet to take proper action in this case. FALK International will continue putting pressure on any Cabinet until so is done.

From before:
In letter to Norways Minister of Justice of 10.02.97 FALK International asks whether or not the Cabinet will issue a Royal Decree instructing Prime Prosecutor Rieber Mohn to commence investigation with support from FBI and Scotland Yard.
In letter dated March 11th this year the Justice Department confirms their position stated in letter of February 10th 1997. <<There is no reason for the Cabinet to instruct the prime Prosecutor in this case>>.
What keeps a labour Cabinet from investigating sabotage involving the killing of 123 people, mostly workers??

Images for documentary purpose:
Im. 5.1: Letter to Norways Minister of Justice of 10.02.97.
Im. 5.2: Letter of March 11th 1997 from Norways Department of Justice to FALK International (Norwegian language)
Im. 5.3: Letter of Feb. 18th 1997 from Norways Department of Justice to Organisasjon F.A.L.K. - i.e. FALK International (Norwegian language).

Added Sept. 10th 1997:
The sister of Gunnar "Kjakan" Sønsteby is married to former Chief of the Norwegian Military Service (forsvarssjef) and Head of the Military Intelligence Service (E-tjenesten) and later Head of the Military Construction Service (Forsvarets Bygningstjeneste), General Svein Hauge. Ref. Section 7.2.4.

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