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Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten of December 20th 2006, has an obituary notice of Mr. Hjelm Waage Thurn-Basberg, who past away Nov.29th, 89 years old.

Mr. Hjelm Waage Thurn-Basberg is said to be a former undercover agent under the WWII with alias "Per" in Secret Service MI-6. On June 21st 1944 he confirmed that the desinformation about an invasion in Mid-Norway was successful in regard to keeping German troops in Norway. After the war he participated in establishing "Stay-Behind" clandestine resistance network in Norway.

The obituary is by Mr. Josef Monsrud, and Magne Lein, member of the Osvald-group, and documents as such the connection between members of the Osvald Group, MI-6 and Stay-Behind. And desinformation as part of the strategy.

Obituary notice of Mr. Hjelm Waage Thurn-Basberg

The connection between Osvald, Milorg and Mot Dag members are dealt with on FALKs webpages section 7.2 "The left wing revolutionary Mot Dag movement", and in particular related to Osvald - Milorg

The leader of Milorg, first chairman on the Board of Statoil, Mr. Jens Chr Hauge passed away on Oct. 30th 2006, 91 years old. Gunnar "Kjakan" Sønsteby , "No 24", remained all his life a close friend to Mr. Hauge.

The secret war:

The ties between Mot Dag and todays AKP-ml are further substantiated in an obituary of Mr. Johan Otto Øgrim who passed away on 06.12.2006, being the father of AKP-ml founder Trond Øgrim.

Mr. Øgrim was born in 1913. He went to school in Oslo, Hamar, London and Trondheim where he in 1934 graduated from High School. In his obituary it is stated that Øgrim in the early 1930-ties became communist and engaged himself politicly in Mot Dag and Clarté.

During WWII, Øgrim became one of the pioneers in the military resistance undercover intelligence service group XU were he served as a spy photographing documents for smuggling to Stockholm and further to Norwegian and British military authorities in London.

After the war Mr. Øgrim continued studying Physics and was employed at Institute of Physics, at the University of Oslo, Norway.

Ref: Aftenposten December 12th 2006 - obituary notice by Mr. Lars Borgerud


Institute of Physics became in fall 1983 involved in examining steel samples from bracing D4 on "Kielland" .

The order was placed by Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) where Kristian Øgrim, relative to Johan Otto Øgrim had served under Mot Dag member Torolf Elster. NRK reporter Bjørn Nilsen was a former member of AKP-ml.

Shortly after the disaster, primo April 1980, PAX had published a book focusing in on the fatigue crack in bracing D6, and which was presented on NRK news in prime time misinforming the entire public.

In his report Hilmar Dahle states that Kripos in Oslo, few days after the disaster had reported that a man had been arrested ref: HD report page 7 and , page 8 . The smokescreening and coverup had started, initiated by whom?

The obituary of Johan Otto Øgrim substantiates the relation between founders of AKP-ml and their relatives in Mot Dag. As such AKP-ml is a continuation of the communist Mot Dag movement from the early 1920ties. It further documents the involvement of Mot Dag members in the resistance movement XU. Several members of XU was after the war recruited to the Norwegian military intelligence service (E-tjenesten) headed up by Wilhelm Evang, also member of Mot Dag.

Section 7.2 The left wing revolutionary MOT DAG movement:
Section 2.1 Metallurgical testing of bracing D4

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