7.0 The Sabotage.

The semisubmesible accomodation platform "Alexander L. Kielland" capsized on the Ekofisk field on March 27 1980 and 123 people perished, among them 27 UK citizens and 2 US citizens. In mid February 1980 the Norwegian Parliament had approved oil drilling operations to commence north of the 62nd paralell closer to the Soviet border. This against the votes of the left wing. In April the final report from the Committee investigating the Labour Government and Statoil's role in Cost Increases on the Norwegian Continental Shelf would be presented. The report brought forward a strong criticism. Political corruption in Statoil and the oil industry involving Kværner and Brown & Root was part f the scene. Three months earlier Soviet had invaded Afghanistan. In Stavanger the District Attorney had recently left for a high position in the Justice Department and his successor was yet not appointed. As members of the Labour Cabinet at the time were several people with strong socialist/communist sympathies, both from before and after World War 2.

Comment by FALK's President :
FALK does not believe in the rumour that SPETNAZ sabotaged the rig. All evidence and findings proves the sabotage to be an inside operation.

FALK believes focus should be directed towards left wing political activity and the narcotic involvment (criminal forces).

7.1 Who supplied the explosives?

7.2 The left wing revolutionary MOT DAG movement.

In many events the Cover Operation gives valuable information filling in the picture.

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