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Multinet Standard Mal


Subscription contract for Internet connection through MultiNet AS

1. Customer, user and subscription.
In the following, the term Customer denotes the physical or legal person 
who has signed the subscription with MultiNet AS.  User is a physical 
person, identical or not with the Customer, or whom the Customer has 
granted access to the subscription.  The Customer is responsible for all
Users and for these Users to live up to the terms of this agreement.
Subscription with MultiNet AS belongs to the Customer, and cannot be
delegated to others without prior written approval by MultiNet AS.
2. Services
What services included in the subscription with MultiNet AS will vary over 
time.  MultiNet AS will aim at delivering a vast, varied and reliable range
of services, but MultiNet AS reserve all rights to expand, alter and limit 
the range of services withour prior warning to the Customer.  The service 
belongs to the area of data communication and typical services are 
electronic  mail, information download and access to archives of software 
and information.
3. Payment
The Customer binds himself/herself to pay the fees in force for his/her
subscription type.  Increase in price will not occur in the middle of an
agreement period.  Charging of fixed subscription fees, settlement for
time consumption and for other periodical services must be payed within
14 days from the time of billing, unless other written agreements have 
been made.
If the Customer receives an invoice he/she believes to be erroneous, 
complaints must be brought forward within three weeks upon the receipt of
said invoice.
4. Responsible for use of the subscription
The Customer is obligated to keep his/her username and password secret,
so that no one can gain access to this.  If the Customer at any time
suspects that a subscription password is known to intruders, the Customer
is obligated to report this as soon as possible to MultiNet AS via e-mail
to drift@multinet.no, or by phone, thus minimizing possible damage.
5. Customs
The Customer is required to behave properly during use of the services,
including staying within the bounds of use of the services described
more closely below.
MultiNet AS gives free access to the world wide Internet.  On the Internet
a set of implied rules for customary behavior (known as netiquette) 
prevail, but there is no central command or control.  All users of 
MultiNet AS are obligated to acquaint themselves with these customs of the
Internet, and to adapt their use of the net from these.  This especially 
applies to the use of e-mail and Usenet News.
Abuse of net resources, including mass transmission of advertisement
through Usenet News or e-mail will not be tolerated.  Nor will use of the
net to spread or advertise for chain letters, chain letter-like lotteries
and MLM (Multi Level Marketing).  It is also not permitted to use 
MultiNet AS' services to spread computer viruses, copyrighted software, 
defamation and/or offensive material (including racism and pornography)
and anything else in violation of Norwegian legislation.  Common sense 
and common courtesy are good starting points for behaviour on the net.
More information on custom can be found at MultiNet AS' homepage, 
address http://www.multinet.no/
6. Liability and protection of information
MultiNet AS assumes no liability for direct or indirect consequences of
the Customer's use of the services delivered, no matter the reason. The 
Customer is himself/herself liable for the use of his/her subscription.
MultiNet AS is obligated to secure the Customer's data in the best way
possible.  This involves regularly making backups of data, in addition to
general securing of data against unlawful access, but MultiNet AS is not 
liable for loss or damage of such information.  Furthermore, Multinet AS
will at all times aim at securing all information that the Customer
himself/herself does not make accessible to others against unauthorized
access, duplication or other unwanted activity.  However, MultiNet AS does 
not assume liability for this kind of securing of information.
It is not permitted to make attempts at guessing passwords or acquire 
passwords to other MultiNet users' accounts, as well users of other 
computers on the Internet.  The same restriction applies to other attempts
at breaching security on computers connected to the Internet.
7.  Notification of disruption of operation.
MultiNet AS is obligated to supply a stable and safe service, with as few
disruptions of operation as possible.  All planned disruptions of operation
are to be given notice of in advance, and this will be done through 
MultiNet's homepage under the page titled Messages for our subscribers
(http://www.multinet.no/kundeinfo/meldinger.en.phtml). Irregular 
disruptions of operation will also be reported on this page.
8. Configuration of net based services
Users are not permitted to install, compile or set up net based services on
their account prior to making contact with MultiNet AS to obtain 
permission.  This applies to all client/server based software making use of
the Internet, and applies to both the client and server part of such 
software.  We call attention to that IRC robots (so-called "bots") and FTP 
servers and clients are also included in this restriction.  Normally we 
allow these activities, but they must first be given formal clearance 
through e-mail to drift@multinet.no.
9. Private homepages
Customers have the opportunity to have their own, private WWW homepages in
their file area at MultiNet AS.  These pages may contain presentations of
oneself, hobbies, interests and similar.  Commercial presentations,
including presentations of companies and sales products, or presentations
of associations that receive public support and/or claim fees from their
members, can only be published subsequent to a separate agreement with
MultiNet AS.
10. Norwegian penal code, civil prosecution
Connection with MultiNet AS shall not be used for activities that may
be affected by Norwegian penal code or open for civil prosecution.
11. Duration and notice to quit
The subscription runs until it is terminated in writing by one of the
parties.  The Customer can at any time terminate his subscription, but
remaining paid-up subscription fees will not be refunded at such a
If this agreement is breached, MultiNet AS reserves the right to block the 
subscription for use until the affair has been clarified.  At repeated
or severe breaches of this agreement MultiNet AS can terminate the customer
relationship.  At such a termination, MultiNet AS is not obligated to 
refund subscription fees for the remainder of the agreement period.
MultiNet AS, March 23rd 1998