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Our services & fees: (All prices on this page are listed in NORWEGIAN CURRENCY)


Type of account:   Price:
UNIX (Mail Box-account, no dial-up access):   40.-  / monthly charge.
Dial-Up (Free - Only phone company charges):   95.-  / monthly charge.
The prices include VAT. Subscription fees are billed in advance, and for one year at a time, unless other agreements have been made.
Storage Space:
10 Mb of disk storage on our UNIX server is included in all subscriptions.
Why Choose Multinet ?
Multinet AS is not a free service with limitations. The MailBox account does not have any space-limits. You don't need to worry about delivering/receiving your mail whatever the size or content of the mail.

Multinet AS offers free support by phone: (73 87 44 10 or 88 00 96 66)

Multinet AS servers is "powered by" Linux, with several modules as f.ex: Telnet, FTP, PHP, Perl, Mysql, SolidSql, CGI, Eggdrops, WAP-support and FrontPage Extensions.

Multinet AS features fast servers based in Norway, with optimal "uptime".

Webmail Softmail - Check your mail from wherever you are.

MultiNet AS MultiNet AS is introducing Internet Roaming to offer fast, secure, easy and reasonable Internet access to customers of ours who need their Internet access when travelling.

Commersiell web presentation:
Type: Description: Registration fee: Monthly charge: Annual Charge:

Own Domain:

buzinezz.no 750.-   500.-

Web-lease 1:

max. 10 MB   450.-  
Web-lease 2: max. 20 MB   650.-  
Web-lease 3: max. 50 MB   850.-  
Web-lease 4: max. 100 MB   1.250.-  

Own Server:

Contact Us   3.000.-  
Prices  do not include VAT.
Local Network Solutions - Internet / Mail
Multinet AS have several years experience with installing Network solutions for our clients. Our solutions are including router, mailserver and intra-net, to a competative price in the market.

Get in touch with us for more information.


An overview of some of the services MultiNet AS has to offer
Telnet - Connect to other computers around the world.
FTP - Transfer files from file servers all over the world.
Through FTP one can get hold of just about any free piece of software in existence.
E-Mail - Send and receive electronic mail to other users of the Internet.
Send letters to the other side of the planet without paying expensive postage, and have your letter delivered in a matter of seconds.
You can also attach files to the letters.
Usenet conferences/newsgroups - More than 20.000 global discussion forums, covering all interests and specialities. Here you can find answers to most questions.
World Wide Web - Search the world's greatest information resources in this simple 'hypertext' environment. Travel from one information server to another through simple keypresses or mouse clicks. WWW is the information medium of the future.
WWW Homepage - You will have the possibility to create your own page on the Internet where you can publish information about your self, with pictures, text and sound. This is free of charge, as long as no commercial products or services are presented on the pages.
Search engines - Use powerful searching tools like Archie, Gopher, WWW and Wais to search for files and information.
IRC - Talk to other Internet users 'live' through thousands of chat areas. Files can also be transferred between IRC users.
Advertisements - Advertisments on the Internet, where millions of potential customers can see your ad at any time of day. The number of businesses on the Internet is increasing exponentially.
Unix - Use our unix server to learn the most widely used operating system on the Internet.
Use our c/c++ compiler for your programs.
Storage space - You get 10 MB at your disposal on our unix server, where you can store files you have downloaded from the net. (Though one normally would download files directly to one's own PC)