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For more information on GRIC, visit http://www.gric.com/


[GricDialler for Windows NT 4.0] 3002KB FTP download
[GricDialler For Windows 95/98 ver. 2.1.1] 3730KB FTP download
[GricDialler part 1 for MAC] 1496KB FTP download
[GricDialler part 2 for MAC] 1181KB FTP download

For more information, contact:

Odd Benestad d.y, Marketing
MultiNet AS (+47) 73 87 44 10

GRIC Communications is the leading clearinghouse for Internet telecommunications services. The company provides routing, authentication, network management, billing and settlement services to ISPs and telcos worldwide. GRIC supports global Internet roamin g, corporate remote access/VPN, fax, and telephony.

Today GRIC has nearly 300 member ISPs and telcos in more than 75 countries, with a combined subscriber base of more than 16 million dial-up users and 20 million corporate users, making the GRIC alliance the largest managed network of Internet-based telecommunications services in the world.

The GRIC alliance includes many of the world's largest ISPs and telcos, including SPRYNET, NETCOM, Singapore Telecom, NEC, Fujitsu Niftyserve, KDD/KCOM, NTT DATA, Malaysia Telecom, Telecom Finland, Korea Telecom, Cybernet AG, Hong Kong Telecom, Samsung, H yundai, Chungwha Telecom, and Telstra.

GRIC's technology partners include Ascend Communications, Bay Networks, Cisco Systems, Digital Equipment Corporation, Lucent Technologies, Microsoft, Oracle, and Siemens Business Communications.

Founded in 1994 and privately held, GRIC Communications, Inc. has offices in California, Asia and Europe. For additional information, please contact GRIC Communications at 1421 McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, CA, 95035. Phone: 408-955-1920. Fax: 408-955-1968. Email: info@gric.com . Web site: http://www.gric.com

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GRIC and the GRIC logo are trademarks of GRIC Communications, Inc. All other trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners.

MultiNet AS does not currently offer the FAX solution.

MultiNet AS offers gloal Internet roaming
MultiNet AS can now, as the only Internet Service Provider in Norway, offer Global Internet Roaming through the GRIC Alliance Network.
Our customers can log on to the Internet at local call charges, in almost any place in the world.
MultiNet AS is offering Internet Roaming for fast, secure, easy and reasonable Internet access to customers of ours who need their Internet access when travelling. Through Internet Roaming our customers can save up to 91 percent of the costs compared to regular connection methods. The cooperation between over 300 Internet Service Providers participating in the GRIC Alliance Network makes it possible for our users to connect to the Internet from a local number just about anywhere in the world.

Internet Roaming is achieved through Gric Dial, a combined dialer program and phone book which ensures that global Internet Access is just a click away, and at local call charges. After contact has been established, the users have access as normal to data, e-mail, www and all other services they use.

The principle of this system is that you dial the GRIC(tm) POP closest to you, and log on with your username and password from MultiNet. The servers of the service provider in question will make encrypted contact with our user database and verify your logon. You will now be logged in as usual, and you may use your subscription as if you where at home or at work.

The great earnings potential for the customers is that they don't have to dial home to Norway if they are at work or on vacation in Zimbabwe, Brasil, France or some other country. The system gives you the option to dial an Internet Service Provider within the country you currently are in.

All dial-up account customers of MultiNet have access to the GRIC(tm) services.

Several of the worlds largest Internet Service Providers and telecommunications companies participate in GRIC, among others: SPRYNET, NETCOM, Prodigy, Singapore Telecom, NEC, Fujitsu, KDD/KCOM, NTT DATA, SANNET, Malaysia Telecom, Telecom Finland, Korea Telecom, Cybernet AG, Hong Kong Telecom, Samsung, Hyundai, Chungwha Telecom and Telstra.

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