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Important information
Phone customer support (Mon-Fri 0800-1600) 73 87 44 10
Phone customer support (after work hours) 88 00 96 66
Faxnumber 73 87 44 11
E-mail adress for customer support drift@multinet.no
MultiNet's homepages www.multinet.no
Dial-Up with ISDN in Sør Trøndelag county 810 07 204
Dial-Up with Modem in Sør Trøndelag county 810 07 205
Dial-Up withISDN/Modem outside Sør Trøndelag county 73 50 38 00
WWW Server www.multinet.no
POP Mail server (Incoming Mail) mail.multinet.no
SMTP Mail server (Outgoing Mail) mail.multinet.no
FTP server ftp.multinet.no
News server news.multinet.no
Unix server reality.multinet.no
Eggdrop server eggis.multinet.no
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