NB!  Kun for Multinets kunder !

How to make homepages visible
This text explains how to make an existing html dokument visible to the rest of the world.
Logon to reality.multinet.no through telnet.
Create the directory public_html. mkdir public_html
Set the correct file modes on the directory. chmod 755 public_html
Also set correct file modes on your home directory. chmod 711 .
Copy the html document(s) to the directory public_html, and rename the document that is to be your main page to index.html or index.htm.
The files are copied to our server thus:
Use FTP to connect to reality.multinet.no.
Logon with your username and your regular password
Go the the directory public_html.
Transfer the file(s) from your home computer to the directory public_html.
Exit FTP
Set the correct file modes on the documents. chmod 644 *.htm* -R

What will the address of the document be?
The address of the document index.html in the directory public_html in your home directory will be http://www.multinet.no/~brukernavn/.
If the file has a name other than index.html you will need to add its filename, e.g.

Must the files end with .html ?
No, with consideration to those who create their html documents under MS-DOS/MS Windows, the files may also end in .htm for the server to display them properly.
In addition, some other extensions are also valid, considering more advanced techniques.
Valid file extensions are .htm .html .phtml .php3 .cgi .pl, but unless you make use of special programming techniques, we recommend the standard extension .html
The order of priority of index files is: index.html, index.htm, index.shtml, index.cgi, index.phtml, index.php3

I want CGI scripts !
Logon to reality.multinet.no through telnet.
Create the directory cgi. mkdir cgi.
Set the correct file modes on the directory. chmod 755 cgi
Put all your cgi scripts in this directory.
Wait for a maximum of 15 minutes.
Your scripts will then be available on http://www.multinet.no/cgi-bin/yourusername/
Note that if the scripts write to disk files, these disk files must have wwwserv as their group owner, and this group must have access to write to these files (set correct file modes)
This is done as follows (using guestbook.html as the example):

wwwservit guestbook.html
chmod g+w guestbook.html