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Dato: 08.05.02

GetRight allows graceful recovery and resuming if you are disconnected in the middle of saving a file from the Web to your PC's harddrive. For example, if you have finished getting 95% of that 10 megabyte file and get disconnected, GetRight finishes
GetRight just finishes getting the last 5% without restarting from the beginning! The only drawback to the program is that the server downloaded from MUST support partial requests. GetRight will also calculate several other of TUCOWS' mirrors where they could download. GetRight then pings them all to see which offers the fastest performance, and it then begins with the fastest.

Go!Zilla is user-defined categories for files. Quickly and easily drag-and-drop the files directly to the categories. Go!Zilla has automatic Internet connect and disconnect; it will even shut your computer off when it is done. Go!Zilla also has recur
In addition, it automatically sends all incoming files through the virus checker for validation. Go!Zilla contains a clipboard monitor in order to quickly add files by simply copying from the browser. It can set security options on a site-by-site basis to ensure proper authentication from your favorite download locations and operates as a minimized system tray icon.

ReGet Deluxe
ReGet Free retrieves files from the Internet, from both FTP and HTTP servers.
ReGet's features include a user-friendly interface, a resume-broken-downloads option, dial-up integration and much more.