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MultiNet AS offers global Internet roaming
2002-06-30 11:24:00 : Odd Benestad d.y
MultiNet AS, as the only Internet Service Provider in Norway, offer Global Internet Roaming through the GRIC Alliance Network. Our customers can log on to the Internet at local call charges, in almost any place in the world.
MultiNet AS is offering Internet Roaming for fast, secure, easy and reasonable Internet access to customers of ours who need their Internet access when travelling. Through Internet Roaming our customers can save up to 91 percent of the costs compared to regular connection methods. The cooperation between over 300 Internet Service Providers participating in the GRIC Alliance Network makes it possible for our users to connect to the Internet from a local number just about anywhere in the world.
Read more about GRIC

MultiNet with WebMail system - English Version
2000-07-03 11:34:00 : taj
MultiNet's WebMail is a web-based application that allows users to send and receive Internet email from any Internet-connected web browser. It uses any existing POP3 mailbox and SMTP server.
You can keep you addresses, folders, change your user preferences ets. ets.
Go to WebMail - English Version
Dial-Up Connenctions- New phone numbers
2000-07-03 11:54:00 : obdy
MultiNet AS has achieved 810 number for dial up connections. This implies that our customers will be able to surf the web for a lower rate per minute, compared to the use of our regular pool number.
We have been assigned two 810 nummer, one for PSTN connections and one for ISDN. The number for PSTN is 810 07 204 and the number for ISDN is 810 07 205.

We recommend all our customers to use these numbers.NB. The 810 numbers will only work in Sør-Trøndelag commune. If you are outside this area, you will have to use our regular poolnumber 73 50 38 00.

The cost per minute for the 810 numbers is for the time beeing:
Mon-Fri 08-15kr. 0,19
Mon-Fri 15-08kr. 0,14
Weekend/holydayskr. 0,14
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