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dato: 08.05.02

ACD Advanced Equalizer 1.0 (Size: 0,8 MB)
ACD Advanced Equalizer™ is a professional, 15-band, real-time graphic equalizer that abandons the notion of needing a host sound-editing facility.
The equalizer, a stand-alone unit, has a built-in MP3 decoder engine, which can be used with different input/output sources (like CD players), making it the ultimate tool for enhancing desktop audio performance. Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) is standard for program routines. Longer FFTs produce sound more accurately. (Vary FFT lengths with a slider.) The ACD Advanced Equalizer™ also offers two spectrum analyzers for left and right channels, and one central oscilloscope for visually observing and controlling the system. The only additional software needed to operate the equalizer is a CD player. (Windows 95/98/2000 Operating Systems provides one that can be found in the Windows Start Up Menu under 'Accessories, Multi Media,' but any CD player will do.) Additionally, a Half Duplex or (even better) a Full Duplex Sound Card, as well as a CD-ROM player, are required.

CD/Spectrum Pro 2000.0610 (Size: 0.7 MB)
This is a very cool, easy to use (if you can use a home stereo system, you can use this) and powerful MP3 player.
CD/Spectrum Pro will also play your CDs. With a graphical spectrum analyzer, CDDB Internet database access,playlist capabilities, a mixer, and a visuals window, you will have fun playing your favorite tunes.

COWON Jet-Audio
COWON Jet-Audio is an audio suite with 5 independent music components including Mixer, Audio CD Player, Digital AudioPlayer, MIDI Player, and Digital Video Player
The Mixer is 100% compatible to Windows 95/98. It includes convenient album management function on each component. It also includes a small remote controller that can operate most of the functions of the programs. Also features a searching function of audio CD information from the Internet CD databases. (More than 5000 discs in the Internet CD databases) built-in MP3 engine in the digital audio component. The audio component offers many special effects, a 6-band graphic equalizer, and a spectrum analysis screen; built-in RA engine on the digital audio component. The compact digital video player supports AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT. COWON Jet-Audio reduces to a tiny tray icon on the task bar.

DJ 2000
DJ 2000's unique Library Management System
fully supports removable media so you can maintain a Master List of your MP3 collection at all times, even if the CD or other removable device containing part of your MP3 collection isn't present at the time. And if you move MP3s on your hard drive, the Library Management System updates your DJ 2000 database automatically.

Mp3 Control 0.7.4 (Size: 0,7 MB)
This program helps catalog MP3 CDs.
Export MP3 lists in HTML/ASCII/CSV/TXT and WinAmp Playlists. Play files in WinAmp/Sonique. Automatically detects CD drive changes and updates file paths and names. Mass automatic file/ID3 Tag renaming. Album cover support with Internet.

With MP3Bee, you can play MP3s and your playlists and print your playlist for easy viewing.
MP3Bee even allows IDtags to be edited. Conversion is made simple through MP3 to Wav and MP3/WAV to CD configurations. And you can automatically upsample or downsample compressed MP3s.

MusicMatch Jukebox
MusicMatch Jukebox is the world's first all-in-one CD ripper/MP3 encoder/Jukebox/Player!
Digitally record and MP3-encode tracks from your CD library in a single step, and create CD-quality MP3 files at speeds of up to 5x faster than the normal play speed.

OtsJuke DJ 1.00.053 (Size: 7.5 MB)
OtsJuke DJ is a practical and useable pro-audio solution for the Windows platform, designed for DJs, radio stations and music lovers.
This amazing program sets a new standard, allowing things previously impossible with MP3 / CD software. OtsJuke DJ delivers perfect, radio-standard, automatic mixing between your MP3-based files and CD tracks allowing you to sit back and enjoy the flow. There's NO two second latency in OtsJuke DJ. Experience instant volume controls, instant +/- 20% pitch and tempo control, and an instant response dual-channel 10 band GraphicEQ!! Total volume management is also possible via an integrated Auto Gain Control, Compressor and Limiter (just like the pro-club DJs and radio stations use). This is all topped off with an intuitive user interface incorporating drag-and-drop items, virtual decks, play/history/work lists and a powerful instant search facility. Also new, is the ability to mix tracks, radio-style, off a single CD!

RealPlayer allows you to enjoy streaming audio and video on networks and the Internet.
Features include destination buttons for one-click access to news and entertainment; near CD-quality audio (28.8-kbps and faster connections only); and full-screen video capability (high-bandwidth connections only). RealPlayer 8.0 now includes over 2,500 radio stations, the Take 5 entertainment programming showcase, and more. Take 5 brings you a daily dose of the latest headlines, features, music, comedy, and original entertainment from over 100 media providers. It is updated each day, with a special Best of weekend edition.

Scour Exchange
Scour Exchange (SX) allows users to search for, download, and share digital entertainment files, including MP3s, video, images, photographs, and more.
This version features a powerful and extensive search utility and a digital media library that allows you to share files with other users that have similar interests. This version now has an integrated hot list, a new transfer code for more reliable transfers, a new searchable media library, a ping counter, and has updated the instant-messaging feature. Note: This is a beta version. All mission-critical data should be backed up prior to download.

One of the best MP3 players out there!
Sonique provides a wonderful, eye catching control panel while providing you with numerous options and configurations such as tempo increase/decrease, equalizer, balance and much more!

An outstanding MP3 (MPEG Layer-3) audio player....
Includes spectrum analyzer, graphic equalizer, playlists, support for VBR and more! You can rewind and fast-forward the files by its handy bar at the bottom. Great user-interface!