A sip sailing in to Trondheim harbour on a summernight Munkholmen - An old castle on a small island outside Trondheim
Munkholmen on a beauteful summernight There is an abudance of bird life along the Nidelva river, as here at Ila Bridge
Trondheim seen from the air on a summerday The Nidaros Cathedral
The beauteful are of Norwegian Univercity of Science and Technology - The Gloeshaugen Campus This statue of Trondheim's founder, viking king Olav Tryggvasson, is located in the middle of Trondheim, and is actually a huge sundial
The fish market - "Ravnkloa" "Stiftsgaarden" - The King and Queen's recidence in Trondheim is Scandinavia's largest w ood-building
The aged building in Oppdalstunet is one of the most visited buildings at Sverresborg Museum A nice girl selling strawberries on the fruit market
The world's first bicycle lift, called "Trampe"
All pictures are scanned with kindly permission from
Aune Forlag, Trondheim, Norway