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The Sabotage against offshore accomodation platform ALEXANDER  L.  KIELLAND

FALK (FALK International) is a non-profit organization founded with the objective of promoting new police investigation of the "Alexander L. Kielland" disaster and improved public legal rights.

The offshore accomodation platform Alexander L. Kielland capsized on the Ekofisk field in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea on March 27 1980. 123 people perished among them twentyseven UK and two US citizens. The Norwegian Labour government in charge at the time, appointed the following day a committee to investigate the cause of the disaster.

The Committee presented their report one year later in March 1981. The report concluded that the cause of the disaster was a fatigue crack in one of the six bracings (bracing D-6) connecting the broken away D-leg to the rest of the platform. In the Summary of their report on page 11 the Committee, however, states they never looked into any other possible cause to the disaster as f.i. explosion.

After the uprighting of the capsized rig in 1983, FALK's president Ole. C. Ostlund was involved in the inspection of the rig on behalf of a group of relatives. Findings strongly indicated that an explosion had taken place in one of the bracings (bracing D-4) adjacent to the D-6 bracing with the fatigue crack, causing the platform to collapse. Further metallurgical testing and research substantiates that failure of the D-4 bracing was caused by explosives placed inside the upper part of the bracing by human act.

Several requests have in vain been placed asking Norwegian jurisdicial authorities to resume investigation of the "Kielland" disaster based upon sabotage as the real cause of the disaster. FALK strongly advocates such investigation to take place by Norwegian Police with assistance from FBI and Scotland Yard.

Presentations have been made to representatives from FBI and Scotland Yard. The official posission is as stated in letter from the US Embassy in London that they can not assist without a formal request from Norwegian authorities.

FALK is asking for your support to put pressure on the Norwegian Government making them to take proper action in this case, and stop violating Democratic rights and Public legal security in Norway.

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