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Information on MultiNet AS
MultiNet AS offers a professional Internet connection at reasonable prices.
When you purchase a subscription from us you get access to PPP, SLIP, CSLIP and a unix account with 5 MB of disk space at your disposal, e.g. for publishing your own web pages.

MultiNet AS has many years of experience with Unix, Internet and network administration, and we offer consultant services in these areas.
We are also experienced with HTML and WWW, and we can create business presentations and similar for web publishing.

How to contact us
MultiNet AS
Olav Tryggvasonsgt 45.
7011 Trondheim
MultiNet AS
Pbx: 4441, Hospitalsløkkan
7418 Trondheim

Ph: 73 87 44 10 | Fax: 73 87 44 11 | info@multinet.no