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Use of ftp and web proxies at MultiNet AS
We encourage all users to configure their web-browsers (netscape, mosaic and similar) to use our proxy servers for www, gopher and ftp.
ftp: ftp.multinet.no, port 3128
web: www.multinet.no, port 3128
gopher: www.multinet.no, port 3128

What is a proxy?
Using a proxy server means that your web browser makes contact with the proxy server prior to downloading a document or a file. If the proxy server does not have that particular document, it retrieves it from the net and transfers it to your browser simultaneously. The document will also be stored on the proxy server. The next time someone requests the same document, the proxy server is contacted, it notices that it already has this document stored, then it contacts the documents originating server to check it for updates. If there is no update, the proxy transfers its already stored version of the document to your browser

The more people making use of this proxy service, the more often one will find the documents with the proxy server, and downloads will be quicker. This also means that line traffic is greatly reduced, thus making other data transfers faster.

How do I configure my browser for using a proxy ?
Not all browsers are proxy enabled, but following is a short description on how to configure Netscape for proxy use.
Older versions:
Go to the 'Options' menu, pick 'Preferences', 'Mail and Proxies' (or just 'Proxies', depending on what version you are using) and change the 'FTP Proxy:' edit box to ftp.multinet.no, and setting 'Port:' to 3128. You can set 'HTTP Proxy:' and 'Gopher Proxy:' to www.multinet.no with the 'Port:' set to 3128.

In newer versions, the procedure is slightly different:
Go to the 'Options' meny, pick 'Network Preferences' and then 'Proxies'. Pick 'Manual Proxy Configuration' and click 'View...'. You should now enter the addresses for the proxy servers given above. You only need to fill in the boxes for ftp, gopher and www. Remember to enter the port numbers.
When you upgrade to a newer version of Netscape, the settings might go away, and you will have to enter them all over again