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Dato: 08.05.02

ACDSee is a high-performance image viewer. It supports BMP, GIF, JPG, TGA, TIF and more.
It now displays very fast thumbnails for each directory, as well as animated GIFs and almost every image format available. (Did I mention that it's fast?).

Acrobat Reader
The program allows you to view, navigate, and print PDF files.

Paint Shop Pro
Paint Shop Pro is a well-known graphics editor in the world of computers, but have they outdone themselves this time?
There are 11 different categories for image effects, and excellent three-layer support (vektor, raster, adjustment) to boot. The program also features digital camera support, screen capture support, and much, much more.

PicaView is the simple no-hassle image viewing solution.
A simple, effective 'add-on' for viewing images in Windows Explorer. Right clicking on an image file brings up a miniature image (thumbnail) and image information. PicaView offers full screen viewing, image printing and converting, supports 17 popular image formats, rotates JPEG images with no image degradation, sets desktop wallpaper to any image, and batch image format conversion. You can also play WAV files by right clicking.

An excellent movie viewer application that uses the latest streaming technology to access instant content on the Web.
Plays clips in most any movie format, and is the only player that will work with some exclusive Apple formats. This is a 'must download.'

Xara 3D (Size: 1,0 MB)
Add impact to your web pages with top quality still and animated 3D headings, buttons and logos.
With Xara3D you can create an endless variety of 3D graphics from TrueType fonts or imported 2D shapes, with simple controls to alter the extrude depth, lighting, bevel, color and texture, shadow, font size and type. And there's a whole range of animation possibilities including multi-page sequences. Graphics are fully anti-aliased for the best possible on-screen quality and can be optimized for web use. Imports WMF/EMF, CorelXARA and Webster files, exports GIF, JPEG, PNG or BMP.