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Dato: 08.05.02

3D-FTP features 3D photo-realistic user interface and replaceable skins. You can view files with estimated download times and size in both numerical and graphical bar meter format. 3D-FTP allows you to view, rename, and delete files and develop your
Choose from over 60 different screen elements on your skin, for example graphical bar meters to display current speed, total bytes transferred, estimated transfer time for current or all files, elapsed time and much more.

Beyond FTP 2.3.02 (Size: 5,3 MB)
This is a very powerful FTP client. It uses a drag and drop, explorer-like interface and file distributions and collections are only a few clicks away. Take full advantage of scripting capabilities and a console application.
Get helpful error messages and great security. A most unique FTP client.

Bulletproof FTP
Bulletproof is a great FTP program that takes an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface and adds some very nice features to make it one of the best FTP programs we've seen. One of the best features of this program is its 'cueing,' you can move around dir
Bulletproof has the resume-download feature, and will reconnect to a site after disconnection, if you wish, and it auto-resumes downloading of any files you have cued. Bulletproof is very worth checking out.

CheezePopper 1.9.0 (Size: 768 KB)
CheezePopper will take care of your messages until you get back, will log and play user-definable sounds, and will also change icons. Each setting can be set for private, triggered and public messages - one, two, or all at the same time.
It also will disable the user list, and will warn you if the user you want to send to is not found in the user list; and, oh yeah, did I say you can chat too?

CRT 3.1 (Size: 1,6 MB)
One of the best terminal applications on the 'net, CRT has keymapping, Zmodem capability, custom colors, login scripts, you can name your titlebar different for different connections, and much more.
This new version has many new features!

This FTP client allows you to upload your web pages and pictures to the Internet, as well as download free software and music. New features include MP3 & File Finder, easy Web Page Editing through the CuteHTML add-on, and help for first-time users wi
Advanced features include Auto-Dial, Persistent Transfers, Queued Transfers, Right-Click Shell Integration, and Macros. CuteFTP's many capabilities give you maximum control over your FTP session without sacrificing ease of use.

The future of ICQ is here. ICQ 2000 is the newest user-friendly Internet tool from the makers of the popular ICQ. ICQ 2000 has all the great features that ICQ 99 had, such as voice, message board, data conferencing and Internet games, and ICQ 200
ICQ 2000 can also be used in multiple-usder mode, allowing groups to conduct conferences, or just 'hang out' online. The program runs in the background, taking up minimal memory and Net resources, and while you work in other applications, ICQ alerts you when friends and associates log in. Work efficiently while maintaining a wide range of Internet functions at your fingertips: Chat; Message; E-mail; URL and file transfer.

IRC Toons 1.4 beta (Size: 1,3 MB)
IRC Toons is a fully animated and interactive Internet chat program. Users create an animated character by assembling different body features and colors.
This program can be used to connect to any IRC server on the Internet. In these rooms, users use their characters to chat, walk around, shake hands, hug, kiss, and perform other interactions. Very fast and easy to use!

LanTalk 1.01 (Size: 514 KB)
LanTalk is a full-featured, robust replacement for Winpopup. It's simple to use and requires virtually no setup. A windowed display lets users type messages in an editor box, while the auto-reply, ignore and fast-reply (send predefined messages w
LanTalk also has a dual-window screen, allowing users to view incoming messages while they write new ones, plus it has a find function to search through received messages for text. A user-friendly interface also uses the skin concept, letting users change and design icons and buttons.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is one of the most popular and most interactive services on the Internet. Sure, the Web is nice for finding info and E-mail beats snailmail hands down, but when you've been wondering 'where the others are?', then IRC is what
IRC is the net's equivalent of CB radio. But unlike CB, Internet Relay Chat lets people all over the world participate in real-time conversations. IRC is where the Net comes alive! Using an IRC client (program) you can exchange text messages interactively with other people all over the world. Some of the more popular chat clients are mIRC, Pirch, and Virc for Windows and Homer or Ircle for Mac's. What program you use doesn't really matter; all of them connect to the same chat networks. When logged into a chat session, you 'converse' by typing messages that are instantly sent to other chat participants.

Token 2 2.9.5 (Size: 1,9 MB)
Token 2 supports VT100/ANSI terminal modes and user may even re-map keyboard values. It supports local printing and has the ability to capture and display the communication stream in real-time.
A wide variety of proxy/firewall servers are supported.

VIRC 97 1.10 DW4 (Size: 1,1 MB)
VIRC 97 is a new concept in IRC. This program is totally integrated with the Win95 Shell. You are able to drag files from the Explorer onto a nick to DCC, then send them the file.
You are also able to drag IRC servers onto the desktop for rapid connection to IRC. With a very intuitive interface, VIRC is definitely one program to check out.

With WS_FTP Pro you can quickly and easily manage, upload, and update websites from your home or business. It's the perfect tool for accessing remote files and the fastest way to download digital music and software.
WS_FTP Pro can: Automatically resume interrupted transfers Support more than 50 host file systems Connect you immediately to new FTP sites Drag-and-drop files Store FTP sites in your folders for easy reference Easily create, change, and remove directories and view, execute, rename, or delete files Access information on anonymous FTP sites around the world