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Dato: 08.05.02

AllegroMail (Size: 9,4 MB)
AllegroMail is a versatile e-mail client suitable for beginners and advanced users alike on the Windows 9x, NT 4.x, and 2000 platforms. AllegroMail combines a simple user interface and straightforward design with the most powerful features possible.
The User Profile Manager keeps track of the accounts that are defined for use with AllegroMail. This way, multiple e-mail accounts can exist with login just a click of the mouse button away. These profiles contain each user's personalized e-mail settings so multiple people can enjoy AllegroMail's numerous features. AllegroMail can support as many e-mail accounts as you have with each profile. AllegroMail's advanced contact manager can store the e-mail addresses of everyone you're in contact with, as well as specific information including phone numbers, mail addresses, important dates, and much more. With AllegroMail, you can see how your message will look before you send it. Double check your formatting in plain text or HTML and make sure any graphics are placed properly before anyone else sees it.

CallCenter 3.9 (Size: 5,7 MB)
The CallCenter offers easy sending and receiving of faxes in the foreground or background with just a few simple mouse clicks. In addition, if your modem hardware supports Voice Telephony, the CallCenter will actually assist your computer with answer
Record your personalized greeting and take the day off! Your messages will be waiting for you when you return.

Eudora Pro
One of the most powerful e-mail applications on the Net. The PRO version adds features like multiple e-mail accounts, plug-ins, drag-and-drop capabilities, mail filtering, and more.

Fax2000 3.0 (Size: 3,0 MB)
Fax2000 allows you to send printable documents over the Internet that look like faxes. With Fax2000 you can eliminate the hassles of toners, paper jams, busy signals and paper costs.
Features include BCC support, mailing list support, and document resizing.

FAXLink 1.5 (Size: 1,5 MB)
FAXLink is a tool for converting your documents to fax format. FAXLink acts as a printer driver allowing you to send faxes from virtually every 32-bit Windows application. Once converted, documents will be sent to a VISIONLAB fax server where they wi
This software supports HTTP and SMTP protocols and Outlook's address book. Hardware is not needed. The only thing you must do is open an account and that's free.

FaxNow! 5.02.0681 (Size: 14,4 MB)
FaxNow! is an excellent fax program, allowing both sending and receiving. It is easy to use, and also has a least-cost-routing feature, allowing you to save a little money when faxing.

Free Agent 1.21 (Size: 1,1 MB)
A great freeware Newsreader with an easy to use interface with autopost, autodecode of binaries, and a great subscribed group organization method.

Pegasus Mail 3.12c (Size: 3,3 MB)
Pegasus Mail is a free, e-mail client that can be used by single or multiple users on single computer or local area networks. It is an extremely powerful, feature-filled client that sometimes gets overlooked in the e-mail client market. Pegasus doe
Mail filtering Support for multiple identities Support for all Internet mail protocols, including SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, LDAP, PH. Along with the basics comes a large amount of support found in the better-known e-mailers, including Spell check with UK and US English dictionaries, a powerful encryption interface with support from PGP, and support for multiple POP3 and IMAP mailboxes. You can see why Pegasus makes a good choice for anyone looking for a reliable e-mail client

PM Mail 2000 2.10.2010 (Size: 2,9 MB)
One of the most versatile email software packages available today, PMMail is a cross-platform application. This powerful and flexible email program, provides extensive support for emerging Internet standards along with a user-friendly interface. Desi
The PMMail is packed with all the tools necessary to deal with today's customer's email needs. The PMMail's features are presented in a logical, intuitive fashion, designed for easy navigation throughout the program.

This is a powerful e-mail client with a really 'snazzy' interface. It includes multiple accounts, multiple address books, one-key access to most functions, drag and drop messages, mailboxes and nested folders. This client gives you the ability to r
There is also message encryption for making your messages more secure. Add all this together and you get one sweet POP mail client.

RelayFax 2.3 (Size: 6,6 MB)
RelayFax is is a client/server e-mail-to-fax gateway that allows both local network and remote users fax capabilities by integrating with an existing e-mail system.
Features e-mail attachment faxing, custom cover pages, automatic modem detection and much more.

Speak & Mail
Speak & Mail will enable your computer to 'talk to you'. You can have it read your e-mails or notify you of new e-mails. Speak & Mail will also read anything you copy to the clipboard. Just keep the animated character on top of your desktop and click
You can also set it up to automatically read from the clipboard whenever something new is pasted into it.

The Bat! 1.44 (Size: 1,6 MB)
The Bat is a small e-mail client featuring an intuitive graphical user interface. The Bat is a configurable multiple-POP account that handles a mail dispatcher to help manage mail on the server. Features:
POP3 and IMAP4 compatibility Message filtering Multi-lingual support Support for all versions of PGP, from 2.6x through 6.5 Deletion of duplicated messages A built-in image viewer for GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO, WMF, EMF and JPEG formats A built-in spell checker that spell checks as you type File importation from Microsoft Outlook Express v4.xx, Netscape Communicator v4.xx, Netscape Mail v2.xx/3.xx, Eudora Lite/Pro, Pegasus Mail v2.xx and UNIX mailboxes. However, the best feature this program offer involves its size. With all the options it offers, it's definitely worth a download.